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There are times when you wish to contribute to the society, We all wish to work towards the betterment of the society we are living in but generally limit ourselves to just donating some amount to an organization working towards the cause which we care about the most. The reasons may be many- job requirements, family pressures, unawareness to name a few.
Welcome at UDGS, A platform where You can design your own projects as per your interest area, work on them as per your vision together with the support of existing TeamUDGS.

What is UDGS?

In the iconic race between ‘The Rabbit’ and ‘The Tortoise’ , tortoise was with no chance of winning was an underdog but he emerged out as the winner and one strong reason behind his win was that he was considered as an ‘Underdog’ by all.
Team UDGS believes there is an Underdog in each and every one of us. In one situation we might be doing good but in some we might be back stepping . So, we wanted the underdog in us to come out and perform and take the additional advantage of being taken as an Underdog by others. So we found our name which reflected its purpose, its mission :

Under- DoGS Foundation.

Our Projects

UDGS has a wide span of working including, Promotion of art and culture, Education, Productive aging, Working for differently able, Poverty eradication, Rural development etc. Team UDGS is committed to give its very best in whatever field it steps in and the beginning has been made from changing the apathy, negativity and fear which surrounds the sector of education, and arts through its specially designed workshops, Seminars, performances of its current project ‘Express and lead’ and 'Unfold Yourself '.


Unfold Yourself

As per United Nations report (2016), India is projected to dominate the growth in the working-age population in Asia...


Express And Lead

There is a leader in each and every one of us, we may realize it or not but each and every one of us is making a difference in other people lives...


UDGS's Earnings

A Feedback is the best gift you can receive from someone, these are meant to be preserved, cherished and at the same time a constructive feedback also help you improve your performance. UDGS, Currently working on its first project 'Express and Lead' has been fortunate to receive some lovely feed backs from its participants.


It was a different experience from our daily routine. As a teacher if we cannot bring smile to our student's faces we are unsuccessful as teachers.

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Jai Prakash

I really liked today's session, these sessions have become necessary in today's teaching scenario.

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I really enjoyed today's session, Your Acting impressed me a lot. I would also like to introduce acting in my class.

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I used to have stage fear but you helped me overcome that. Loved today's class and the topics discussed

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Learny so many new things which I didn’t know earlier. We realised the power of subconscious mind and that we need to fill it with good thoughts. Thanks Bhaiya

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Gaurav Rajput

Loved the class as it helped us realise the true meaning of success and failure which is essential for our general knowledge

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Team UDGS Speak

Madhushree Nandi

We all have been an underdog in our lives at somepart or the other . At that time we just need a platform or a helping hand to come up with something extraordinary. I found a hidden talent in me but there was no platform for me and no one guided me but had the deepest will to do it. 

"If our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, we can definetly make a change in the world"

"I believe in trying to get a balance between individual freedom on the one hand and social responsibility on the other."

Naveen Gupta

‘‘It is always a great feeling when you are never expected to win and you come from behind and win’ .

I am sure each one of us must have experienced this feeling at some point in our lives or in other words we all must have been an Underdog at some point in our lives. It is great to win from all odds but this doesn’t come easy, it requires lot of courage, will power , self realization, persistence to fight within.

From winning, I don’t mean winning from others, I mean winning from self- the man in the mirror. Forget others but what if we ourselves are considering ourselves an ‘Underdog’ and what if we even after knowing our strengths are not letting them take over on our weaknesses.

Through UDGS we will search these underdogs, will work with them , will compel them to realize their strengths so that they can show not only themselves but to the world, What an ‘Underdog’ can do.

Arpana Arora

‘HI....I am Arpana Arora, CA working in leading PSU bank.

We all among those gifts of the god who are blessed with all amenities and desired dreams in our lives, but we rarely get time to thank that god or help its people in any way we can,  apart from donations may be, due to our busy schedules and commitments but still I believe we should realize our responsibility towards society that made us stand on our feets.
UDGS is such a platform where we can serve as a bridge and serve mass to attain benefits from this precious foundation.

Ankush Goyal


‘HI, I am Ankush Goyal, running my own business of trading Leather and related materials.

In school and college, I have read a lot about social responsibility but once i got involved in my business , I found myself running after growth of my business and self in terms of money and wealth. But now I wish to hold and ask a question to myself that are we just living for OURSELF. Don’t we have any responsibility towards society in whole.

We earn, we party, we enjoy but what about those who even struggle to get one time meal for themselves. Its been a big problem for most of us (specially youngsters)  that we have stopped thinking about society in anyway.

Through UDGS foundation,  i would like to come out with the innovative ideas and plan for welfare of person who are in need of help and moreover a support to bring them out of the cocoon of life.

Richa Nagpal

Chartered Accountant

‘I am Richa Nagpal, Chartered Accountant by profession.  Currently I am working with a leading MNC in  Finance Department. I believe that only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy : true fulfillment.
Through UDGS, we would like to give the message that: Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Nitesh Gupta

Chartered Accountant

Born and Brought up in Delhi, I have seen the different colors of this city (both bright and dark), I have had my own share of hard time when I was in the pursuit of achieving my aim in life. Chartered Accountant was all I wanted to become and now after achieving my aim and after being part of one of the pioneers of this profession, I wish to share my own experiences with the future of this country and wish to contribute my bit.

Through UDGS, the message we wish to give to all is, Give yourself a chance, dream, work for it and never give up on yourself. Just Love Yourself.

Mansi Sachdev

Success and failure are a part and parcel of our life, each one of us faces ups and downs in our life but, we must not forget that ‘failure is a stepping stone to success ’.

Each one of us have a hidden talent amongst us, we must encourage ourselves to fail, it might sound weird but, to win we first need to fail and then strive our best to reach our goal. All we need to have is faith within ourselves.

To discover the best in ourselves we must try without fearing success or failure, through UGDS we wish everyone to take a chance, understand your own worth and potential to draw out the best within you and motivate yourself to take a chance to win the world.

Ashish Jain

US Tax advisor

Hi All,
"Kuch kar guzarne ka junoon jaha hota hai - waha zindagi hoti hai, Kuch paane ki ho chaah jaha - waha ummeed hoti hai, Ho Ummeed jaha - waha koshish hoti hai, aur ho koshish jaha waha manzil milti hi milti hai"
I am Ashish Jain, a MBA with dual specialization in Finance and International business from Amity University. Currently I am working with a leading MNC as US Tax advisor. I believe that we should always push ourselves to perform better and think at the next level (be empathetic). We should always strive for looking ahead and ask yourself one question "What Next ?" A layman can find a problem in a situation, but a  Smart person will give you solution with that problem.
Through UDGS foundation we will strive towards developing this thinking to whoever we meet. There are ample opportunities in the world, we just need to have the right attitude to capitalize that opportunity

Aditi Mahajan

Chartered Accountant

Hello Friends,

I am Aditi Mahajan and I am a Chartered Accountant. Currently I am working with one of India's leading Business Conglomerates.

Though we all are totally engrossed in our personal life's, but simultaneously we all have an obligation as citizens of this earth to transform tomorrow's world into a society where peace, harmony and fraternity reign. 

Thus, UDGS is a step towards it. Thorough UDGS we all can work towards the society to make it a better place for all of us and also it will provide us a sense of satisfaction for being a good contributor to the society.

Our Core Project Team

Success or failure of any initiative is largely dependent on its team. UDGS is blessed to have some of the very dynamic and energetic members in its team. The Team UDGS includes members from different areas who have created a niche in their respective field. If you think you can work with and in Team UDGS, feel free to connect using this link. Join UDGS


Naveen Gupta

Mansi Sachdev

Ashish Jain